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I listened to Spare a few weeks ago and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it. Being a Kiwi and, therefore, a part of the Commonwealth, I have always had a fantasy idea about the Royal family... well, sort of. I followed Diana's story and remember the horror that was her death. I don't follow celebrity gossip, I don't buy magazines or newspapers and I abhore the way real journalism is being pushed out by clickbait. And still, one hears the stories "Meghan is difficult", "Harry is causing trouble" etc. and so on. I have always been of the opinion you don't know the real story unless you were there. I have always thought the Queen was blamed unfairly for a lot of things. I still think Diana, and now Harry, has been as well. I heard Harry say in an interview with Stephen Colbert that once he started therapy he no longer had a frame of reference for talking to William because William didn't know how to talk in that way with Harry. Having experienced the same in my family, I totally get it. It is a real family with real family dynamics living in a very unusual, isolated, bubble of a situation with a whole lot of people around them more worried about "how things look" and probably their own jobs rather than worrying about whether the family is happy. Sad. For everyone.

Also, who knew Harry would write an excellent book and be such a great narrator!

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